Using over 25 years of experience, my art is somewhat classic but modern. Bold lines and gentle shoulders make up most of my work.


Because of my need of a larger kiln I have to fire in small batches. Each firing is witnessed to correct cone temperature to ensure proper maturing and glazing. These firings are timed and physically watched until completion.


Using non-toxic and lead free glazes that are rated for plate and dinnerware. Most of the items that are made by me are food safe and have been tested to ensure liquid retention. Items will be marked if they are not food safe or dinnerware compatible.

Learn to throw

Have you ever considered learning how to throw on the potters wheel?

The Kilted Potter is offering one on one lessons to teach you how to create dinner wear, vases and decorative pots. Each session will include all necessary items to complete your project. If interested please email

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New pottery studio in beautiful historic Greenhills Ohio.

Pottery done in a kilt is the best way to do pottery.

The Kilted Potter is located in beautiful and historic, Greenhills, Ohio. Located just North of downtown Cincinnati, Greenhills offers a unique opportunity for inspiration from the surrounding park area. Click here to learn more about Greenhills, Ohio.

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