Who is the Kilted Potter?

Since 1989

I learned how to center my first few pounds of clay in high school. In the few final years of my school carrier I took many art classes. As I moved into my final year I was taking 3 ceramic classes a day along with 1 student aid class after lunch.


I strive to make my own glaze. But for now, I use a low fire glazes and clay. While these clay and glazes do not offer as wide of variety of colorful glazes they still offer functionality due to their non toxic and lead free compositions.

New and Old

My first wheel, which I plan to continue to use, was a hand-me down from my, photography and enameling teacher. It was custom built for her by her husband. He rigged up an old tractor part and somehow was able to attach an 8 inch wheel head. My new wheel is a Speedball Clay Boss. While its not as rustic as my original, it is much more reliable and having a speed control is the bees knees.